Bechstein to Bulgaria

Export Wrap Export Wrap
Our client is moving to Bulgaria. Concerned that the removal men may not have the skills and expertise to prepare her piano for transit, she asks PIANOSPEED to export wrap the £28,000 Bechstein Grand, oversee the loading and ensure that it is secured within Bulgarian removal van.
Export Wrap Export Wrap
Moving parts are secured, and approved export bubble blanket is used to protect the piano.
Export Wrap Export Wrap
You can just see the jack used to safely support and lower the piano during the leg & lyre(pedals) removal process.
Transit Slipper Transit Slipper
The legs are removed and the piano is placed on its side onto a special transit slipper. When many new pianos are shipped they are actually bolted to the transit slipper to prevent any movement whatsoever.
Carding Carding
Once on the slipper, the piano is protected with layers of thick triple wall card. Next it's time to leave the room.
Tight Fit Tight Fit
This was a small terrace house. We solved the problem by sawing off the offending end of the transit slipper. No problem.
Leaving the House Leaving the House
Audience Audience
Even the dog wants to watch the piano being moved. Interestingly, the dog shared a characteristic with the grand piano - only three legs(after a car accident)

Loading the Bulgarian Lorry Loading the Bulgarian Lorry

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