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Ireland:  24th February 2020 Spaces

FRANCE:  Febuary - March 2020 Spaces

Ireland:  17th February 2020 Spaces

Ireland:  10th February 2020 Spaces

Ireland:  3rd February 2020 COMPLETE
Ireland:  27th January 2020 COMPLETE
Ireland:  20th January 2020 COMPLETE
Ireland:  27th January 2020 COMPLETE
Ireland:  13th January 2020 COMPLETE
FRANCE:  11th January 2020 COMPLETE
Ireland:  7th January 2020 COMPLETE
Ireland:  23rd December 2019 COMPLETE
Scotland: 19th December 2019 COMPLETE calling @ Glasgow, Inverness, Aberdeen, Edinburgh
Ireland:  16th December 2019 COMPLETE
FRANCE:  14th December 2019 COMPLETE
Ireland:  9th December 2019 COMPLETE
Ireland:  2nd December 2019 COMPLETE
Cornwall: 30th November 2019 COMPLETE
Ireland: 25th November 2019 COMPLETE
Ireland: 18th November 2019 COMPLETE calling @ Belfast, Dublin & Galway
Isle Of Man:  14th November 2019 COMPLETE
Ireland:  11th November 2019 COMPLETE
Scotland: 7th November 2019 COMPLETE
Ireland:  4th November 2019 COMPLETE
Scotland: 31st October 2019 COMPLETE
Ireland:  28th October 2019 COMPLETE
Scotland: 24th October 2019 COMPLETE
Ireland:  21st October 2019  COMPLETE
Scotland: 17th October 2019 COMPLETE
Ireland:  14th October 2019 COMPLETE
France:  7th October 2019 COMPLETE
Ireland:  30th September 2019 COMPLETE
Ireland:  23rd September 2019 COMPLETE
Holland:  16th September 2019 COMPLETE
Ireland:  9th September 2019 COMPLETE
Germany: 2nd September 2019 COMPLETE
France: 1st September 2019 COMPLETE
Ireland: 26th August 2019 COMPLETE
France: 8th June 2019 COMPLETE
Holland & Belgium:  4th June 2019 COMPLETE

PIANOSPEED specialise in piano removals in London, Oxford, Manchester, Cheshire, Glasgow, Edinburgh, the whole of the UK and Ireland.

We regularly move some of the world's finest pianos for musicians, popstars, footballers and richlisters.

There are two sides to our business:

For musicians - "Our job is to make people happy by delivering beautiful instruments to their homes, studios and venues." says Jon.

For business - "Our job is to increase sales and profitability through eliminating delivery hassle and reducing delivery costs." says Jon.

Based in London, Oxford, Manchester and Glasgow, we operate a fleet of modern vehicles, with a staff of eight experienced piano movers. We cover the UK, Ireland & mainland Europe.  We have several vehicles traversing the UK each day, in London every day, and in Ireland every Monday.

The great thing about our piano moving team is that we really are a team.  We have worked together for years now, and we love pianos!  Spending the day delivering ten pianos or more, could sound like a nightmare to some, but we enjoy the challenge and have a lot of fun.  There is great satisafaction in executing the perfect piano delivery, so that is what we constantly strive for.

PIANOSPEED - Caring for People & Pianos!

What's next?  OK, we've tried to make this really easy, and dispense with all the myth and bluster associated with piano removals.  If you need a piano moving, click on the ONLINE QUOTE link, answer a few simple questions, and we will email you the price and availability.